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February 26, 2019

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The Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network on Facebook takes a progressive and aggressive look inside the adoption industry. This group consists of mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and other relatives of adoption loss AND adopted people who have been separated from family, roots, and origins. This growing community was created to support and validate each others experiences, to monitor and critique adoption practices, and build a worldwide network together. We now have almost 7500 members. 


Devastatingly, many vulnerable parents around the world have been exploited by the adoption industry. Their children have been taken and are still missing because of the permanency involved with overseas adoption. Some vulnerable parents are tricked into signing away their rights to their children to go to an orphanage (for food, education or health check ups), on a “fun” vacation, a religious camp, or an “educational program,” giving the impression that their children will someday return. These parents are not invited into the orphanages to help with care or to attend these “trips”. Many parents don’t know how to read or write and sometimes all that is required is a thumbprint signature on the relinquishment document.


Please read this and the description of the group before participating in our sacred group meant for adopted people and families, parents of adoption loss ONLY! For new members please check your 'other' folder for welcome letter.


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*This forum is not recommended for adoption profiteers, their followers, or adoptive parents.



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