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February 26, 2019

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The creator, Janine Myung Ja, Ph.D., gifts the public with perspectives by the adopted, for the adopted in a collection founded upon research and writings that give rare insight into the evolutionary process of orphanhood (from that of being told nothing about one's origin) to an expert on the topic (being elevated to see the deeper, wider, and larger lucrative scheme of things). Adoption should no longer sold from the adoption facilitator's advertising campaigns, but told by those most affected. Adoption is not just a love story shown in commercials or marketing schemes showcasing loving forever families as much as the industry tries to control us, but from those who live adoption from the inside out-by those who have deprived of all paperwork that pertain to us so that the facilitators can appear like saviors. Because of social media, the industry has been forced to include the experiences of those of us who have really lived adoption—a life-altering and lifelong endeavor. All former campaigns on the topic previously marketed from adoptive parents, adoption professionals, experts and special interest groups are now being scrutinized by those of us adopted. And as much as we all love those individuals, we all know that they are fallible and they have for decades tried to save the face of adoption to justify a zealous but one-sided effort. 

Janine's rEvolutionary Orphan Collective re-examines adoption from the inside out, around the world, yesterday and today. Her collection nine books (two memoirs, two anthologies, two research, and books on empowerment and self-care) reveals her own process of understanding on adoption close-up and from a distance. She has also written a series of seven feature-length screenplays depicting the evolution of adoption from the point of view of the child to when the individual makest the decision to search for family while taking care of aging adoptive parents. 


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